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Website Design & Redesign
Check out our work below!

BlueWater Internet has extensive experience designing and redesigning professional websites that produce results. "We talk websites in plain English". Bring us your ideas, describe your business and with our expertise we can design a plan to make your success a reality. Starter sites cost $400 - $1000, and higher end, custom sites usually range $1,000 - $4,000, and every site we make includes good Search Engine Optimizing so you are found on the search engines. Many other designers don't know how to do this, try to charge you more later for SEO, or charge you for it but it doesn't work, business just doesn't come in. A good professional website is worth every penny, because the way they are designed will bring in customers 24/7/365 for years and years. And our sites bring in customers!

A good website today really needs to be 'Responsive', which means it auto-adjusts to display properly on all the different web-enabled devices. It's a MUST HAVE! Horizontal menus for PCs and laptops will change to vertical menus for cell phones and small tablets or ipods. There is even a design that fits to ipads and tablets. Visitors don't have to zoom right and left, and constantly zoom in and out to read text. It all lines up perfectly with text large enough to read.

A good website is much more than having the tech skills to make it. A good developer understands marketing, understands your target customers, and designs a site that will make them want to do business with you. With a bachelors degree in Marketing and Computer Science, experience at Siemens, Liberty Medical, Medicity, I have the experience to handle any project.

We often fix starter sites, or bring a site up to a professional level. And affordable starter sites is something we specialize in, usually costing $400 - $1000, depending on what you can afford, and what kind of site will make money for you.

We also consult with other developers needing help as well. Often an employee or family member wants to make the website. We can assist wherever needed to allow a professional, properly functioning website is delivered.

We accept checks, wire transfers, and major credit cards. If affordablity is a concern we can arrange a payment plan for up to a year.

We look forward to discussing your project. Call 772-419-8112 or use the Request a Call form in the left side column and let's discuss your website and what we can do for you.

Recent Bluewater Internet Website Redesigns

A well designed site can build brand name recognition, bring a lot of business and pay for itself very quickly, whereas an amatuer site with poor SEO will sit there and do nothing. Bell South and India designed sites are famous for this. Nothing you see, in fact you'll think you have a decent site, but it just doesn't bring in business. We can tell you why. Why have a website that sends visitors on to your competitors week after week after week? Does that make sense? ,

Stuart Dentist,

Above is a website designed for part payment part trade for dental work. They wanted a design with a Florida theme, that showed the visitors what improvements are possible, what is involved with the different procedures, and the options available to pay for procedures.

The site above had an unusual request. They had seen some of the many changes to the American Gothic painting, and wanted it changed to reflect their style of Jupiter Native t-shirts. We removed the background and replaced it with the Jupiter lighthouse, and added a surfboard and sunglasses. The customer liked it so much they had us design business cards and recreate the image in high-resolution to make a vehicle image wrap. They also wanted to keep the costs down, so we designed a site that uses PayPal's shopping cart 'Add to Cart' system.

Above is the latest website redesign completed by Bluewater Internet. It is another eCommerce Shop-Script shopping cart site. Penzo, now rebranded to Penelope Penzo manufactures high end, hand painted tableware. Each piece is hand painted at their facility in Zimbabwe, then shipped to the US and sold through high end retailers. The tableware is only sold by their retailers, but Penny, the artist and founder, and her husband, live in Amsterdam and France, creating beautiful works of art. They also have a retail location in Jupiter. The site has a shopping cart currently used as a catalog, drop down menus, and slideshows, some with thumbnails, that don't use flash so changing images is much easier, and as a non-flash website it has more search engine strength and views better on cell phones, although this site hasn't been upgraded to a responsive design yet.
Above is our 2nd redesign of 76 Golf World. They wanted a Responsive Website Design that would auto-adjust to display properly on cell phones, tablets, ipads, etc. We kept the theme that communicates action and fun with family and friends, but also that they now offered so much more than just miniature golf! They also wanted their site to attract more birthday parties, company events, and fund raising partnerships with local organizations. Their site now allows birthday parties to be ordered ala carte online and the date reserved for a small fee. We designed a site with all that and one that would encourage the visitor to make contact. is a website we helped the owner's daughter (Ellen Gittin) develop in Word Press. She was located in Texas and we helped when needed with the design, layout, and function of the website. It's also a Responsive Design that auto-adjusts how it displays to cell phones, tablets, etc. And, it has a nice home page slide show of some Stuart scenes that long time residents especially appreciate.
Visit Nicaragua at the Hacienda Puerta del Cielo (Home at the Gates of Heaven) a beautiful, new Eco-Spa designed and owned by world reknown yacht designer JC Espinosa. There are great 'Opening Rates', beautiful accomodations, and awesome tours of Nicaragua's Masaya volcano national park, the Mombacho cloud forest reserve, and the charming city of Granada and Lake Nicaragua. Affordable rates, affordable daily flights from Miami, and airport shuttle to the resort. Visit Nicaragua's Newest Resort     More about JC Espinosa is one of a group of distributor sites that we affordably developed by dividing the cost between the 8+ distributors that got in on this great deal. Each site has very strong SEO and is tailored to that distributors geographic territory, and shows their work. This is needed so the search engines don't see them as the same site and penalize their rankings. The sites include a popular 'Call Request' form that can send non-spam leads direct to the distributor's cell phone in seconds. This allows them to call back before the visitor has left their website, often making an appointment before the visitor goes on to the sites of their competitors.

Ken and his crew provide painting and drywall services, and their specialty is removing popcorn ceilings and floating in a nice smooth ceiling. It takes true talent and experience to do this right, and they wanted to replace their Bell South website that brought very few leads, with a strong SEO site designed to bring in business, and we delivered!

Marine Parts Outlet has a huge inventory of used marine parts, and needed a way to communicate that to customers. We came through with extensive videos and slideshows, as well as forms and prominent display of their toll-free numbers to bring the calls in. And this site brings in a ton of business!

Bluewater Internet has the design and web-marketing experience to construct a site that communicates the right company image to your site visitors, as well as the latest features and functions needed to be a useful and successful web site. Contact us for a free consultation. Perhaps our expertise and innovative ideas can help your business harness the internet's potential more effectively.

Below are more examples of our Web Site Designs: Click image to view their site in a new window

AMPRO REALTY wanted an extensive site that would display all available listings, provide interactive features to engage and assist buyers, and provide methods to make contact with them. This site shows all active lisings in southeast Florida, including every neighborhood. They also wanted to host their site with a local, experienced web developer to help them with such a complex website.

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