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First Class Website Hosting from BWI
Bluewater Internet's hosting services continue to deliver the most advanced and reliable features and functionality available on the market. Plans start at just $6/month
Professional, Reliable Website Hosting Plans

One of the biggest advantages to hosting with Bluewater Internet is that our web servers are not overcrowded. Many of the big name hosting companies cram their servers full of many thousands of websites, and often when one crashes or needs a restart all the sites go down. They are also prone to more virus and hacking threats. We lease top quality servers and manage them properly.

  • Standard Hosting on a Shared Server starts at just $6/month, includes email and is used by 95% of our customers.
  • Dedicated C-Class IP Server Hosting optimized for Search Engine strength is $14.95/month, and includes dedicated cPanel access and mySQL database if needed.
  • eCommerce Hosting uses the same dedicated C-Class IP Server Hosting is $14.95/month (10 Gigs of Disk Space and 50 Gigs of Bandwidth), which allows installation of secure SSL pages for https pages during checkout, as well as installation of SSL certificates like Verisign, GeoTrust, Thawte, Rapid SSL, etc. We can also get your SSL certificate for you at wholesale prices. We know eCommerce, even have our own sites, and would be happy to discuss your project and will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to keep your ideas safe.
  • Optional Dedicated Hosting Control Panel $4/month
    Bluewater Internet customers can have full access, if they want (most customers just let us manage it), to their Hosting Control Panel, which is the industry most common: 'cPanel'. From here you can access all Bluewater Internent Hosting Features available, with many standard and optional modules that can be tailored to your needs. Manage email accounts with built in spam and virus blockers right at your mail server, traffic stats, ftp accounts, database management, and more...

  • Website transfer service: Free during September
    If your site is hosted on another server most transfers are absolutely free, or you can transfer it yourself. If your site uses a database there will be a small charge to have an experienced Server Administrator transfer your database (Most sites don't have a database, although they are common with eCommerce sites.)

    We will setup your site, setup email accounts, and give you a 'Preview Url' to view your site before you point your domain to it. This minimizes downtime and assures no problems when the server change is made. Call if you have any questions.

    Great Customer Service, Great Equipment, to get started:
    Call 800-670-2721 extension 4 to order website hosting (9am - midnight Eastern Time)

    Servers your business can depend on. Competitors offer backup services, if you pay extra for them. Bluewater Internet's servers are backed up on a regular basis, and reloading a previous version is available with or without your database, if you use one.

    Reliable, mirrored, load balanced RAID servers, multiple backbone connections to the internet, email mega-servers with server-side virus blocking and configurable, server-side spam detection, 24/7/365 support, professional traffic statistics, and all the latest server features, you can rely on Bluewater Internet hosting services.

    • 99.9% Uptime Reliability
    • First Class 24/7/365 LIVE Server Support:
      • Experienced Tech Support: a 12 year hosting veteran to quickly get your needs taken care of. If you're tired of calling tech support and speaking to an inexperienced tech who can't take care of your problem, can speak english clearly, then you'll love Bluewater Internet's ability to quickly resolve problems.
    • UNIX/Windows Hybrid platform
    • State of the Art Security Levels and Practices
    • RAID5 Storage Technology
    • Latest Feature and Functionality Applications
    • Same Day NO Set Up Fees
    • No site transfer downtime! We can set up a copy of your site on our server, create all email accounts, and let you preview and check it before you change your hosting to us. Not sure what to do, call Bluewater, we can tell you and help get it done, all at no setup charge.
    • Highest Quality Email Servers with built in Virus blocking and Spam Detection. Sophisticated spam detection blocks most spam and questionable emails are marked in the Subject for you to check. Each email account can adjust their spam detection preferences and whitelist or blacklist any email address. Furthermore, all outgoing mail requires auto-verification of the username and password to prevent hackers and spammers from using your account to send out spam. Get your domain off spam-block lists and keep it off!
    • Optional Traffic Statistics: from weekly reports of daily visitors to and online wealth of data, including the ability to track each visitor, the search term and search engine that brought them to your site, their geographic location, entry page, path of pages visited and time spent on each, and their exit page.... and much more.
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